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欧亿平台登录网址|In July 2012,the presidential election was kicking into high gear,the Olympics were about to begin,And most people thought it was a matter too was trading around $ 600 a share But the iphone 5 was coming and the company Steve jobs built seemed to have the wind at its back。 另一方面,谷歌股票被称为“虚度时间”。在2009年股价被削减后,谷歌股票在随后的3年半时间里仍然游走在600美元左右。

去年7月苹果股价也在600美元左右,但iphone 5即将发售,乔布斯制作的苹果可能很顺利。哦,how things have changed since then . apples stock has fallen 29% since mid-July . and Google?Its gained 46%,Pushing past the $ 800 milestone while apple languishes near $ 424 a share . apple is tus sling with investors over whether谷歌呢?它的股价下跌了46%,突破了800美元,但苹果躺在424美元附近。苹果公司正在与投资者就是否减少红利支付展开争吵,谷歌股票正在大声下跌。


there has been a lot of discussion over apples decline in recent months,And comparatively less about Googles corresponding rise . but the differs最近几个月,苹果股价暴跌发生了很多争论,但这两者的差异可以归结为,苹果构建了硅谷历史上科技公司业绩增长最快的阶段,但现在这个阶段已经结束,谷歌倾向于指出这种阶段的开始。(威廉莎士比亚,Northern Exposure(美国电视电视剧),)That is the new image of Google after two quarters of impressive earnings and more signs That.at the consumer technology world over the next 10 to 20 years,we believe Google is far and away the best-positioned company,wrote gene me An谷歌排在倒数第二季度取得好成绩的——,有更多迹象表明,该公司正在开发壮年发展计划3354后留下的新形象。“从展望未来20 ~ 20年的消费科学技术领域来看,谷歌无疑是最具优势的公司。

”投资银行辉瑞(Piper Jaffray)有影响力的技术产业分析师陈?怪兽是这样写的。Munster pointed not to search or other advertising,Which still accounts for 87% of the companys revenue,But to new ventures that have yet
“compare that with apple,which is seeing its share of the smart phone and table t market erode over time as Lower-margin,Lower-cc与相比,苹果在智能手机和平板电脑上的市场份额随着时间的推移而暴跌,利润低、成本低、使用Android移动操作系统的竞争对手提高了产品销量,苹果也在销售mini Ipad等自己的低利润产品。

although apple infamously holds Its cards close to Its vest,Its working on Its own new products-some that could create an entirely new categsnys profit margins to levels that would impress investors again。此外,苹果正在投入时间开发新的电视产品。

这种新产品为苹果新的快速增长领域3354万iWatch可创造60亿美元的收入,并将该公司的利润率提高到能再次给投资者留下深刻印象的水平。For now,however,sentiment is against apple and strongly in favor of Google . this week,more analysts have joined the gogle $;citing other factors that could propel the stock higher in the coming year . Jeffries co . argued that a four-digit price is possible,Given impries但是现在投资者对苹果不抱太大期望,虽然无视,但对谷歌抱有很大期望。上周更好的分析人士指出,谷歌股价不会跌至1000美元,其他因素可能会在未来几年内提高谷歌股价。


投资银行Jeffries Co指出,考虑到摩托罗拉手机业务业绩的提高、YouTube等非搜索领域及电子商务计划,谷歌股价可能跌至4位。也许更令人鼓舞的消息是,移动广告的点击率不断增加。

杰夫里斯分析师布莱恩?费兹这样写道。how deserved is this reversal of fortune between apple and Googles stocks?perhaps not as much as the stock charts might suggest . for much of the three years when Google was trading around $ 600 a share,It was subject to实际情况可能不是股票行情图可以显现的样子。在过去3年里,谷歌股票在600美元附近游走的大部分时间里,谷歌在以Facebook为代表的社交媒体时代无法蓬勃发展的猜测依然存在。

之后谷歌是否在领导创始人拉里?(阿尔伯特爱因斯坦,Northern Exposure(美国电视),)佩奇兼任首席执行官的展览出没。佩奇对投资者实施的一系列果断措施至今仍未达到预期。


苹果,menwale,Was riding a multi-year wave of bullish ness And strong earnings growth that Was driven by the iphone And iPad . those two products took同时,这两种产品经过多年的构思、设计和持续实施,构成了我们今天所说的产品。对于苹果,我们可以确认一件事。也就是说,你可以安静地躺在那里数自己积累的巨额现金。

约翰肯尼迪,财富)该公司正在努力设计自己制作类别的新产品。确定的问题是,这些产品不像ipad一样得到消费者的接受和回音。In otherwords,there are real,fundamental changes going on at both of these companies,But the effects of those changes are greatly enhs也就是说,两家公司都在重新发生实质性的根本性变化,但这些变化的影响在各自的股票展示中明显地扩大/缩小。

就像2年前谷歌备受宠爱一样,苹果今天也将如此。就像当时盲目乐观的投资者盛赞苹果一样,谷歌股价下跌太慢到1000美元,现在面临股票价值高的危险。That doesnt mean Google is doomed or that apple is set to rebound quickly . both of these companies are going to have,at different times,thatr fallow periods as well as their blow out earnings reports . both are going to keep working on projects that will offer growth for investors with a low两家公司两家公司都将致力于长期发展战略,然后开发投资者能够获得快速增长前景的项目。

But for now,consider that Google is trading at 18 times its expected earnings this year,double the ratio for apple . that should nt surprer buuild但是现在考虑到谷歌目前的股价超过了今年每周预期收益的18倍,是苹果的两倍。该数字指出,谁也不能不深切地感受到交通事故,但最近两家公司沦落为财经头版新闻的运势反败为胜,已经反映在两家科技巨头的股价上。




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