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科技资讯:聚焦法庭 Apple VS Samsung:欧亿平台登录网址

  • 3月 25, 2021
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欧亿平台登录网址_not long after a jury In the Californian city of San Jose concluded on August 24 th that Samsung should pay apple just over $ 1 billion In damages for In began recirculating on the internet . the images were being used to poke fun at the jurys ruling that the south Korean firm had copied the shape of apps lee 很快,互联网就传播了已经一岁的情景喜剧剧照。一个角色展示了一个荒唐的三角形平板电脑。这些剧照是用来嘲笑陪审团的判决的。

三星抄袭了苹果受欢迎的罕见长方圆形iphone。the titanic tussle between the two giants,which has led To one of the biggest penalties for patent violations in legal history,Is far from over which is trying to persuade the judge to overturn the jurys overall Verde Said it would take all necessary measures to keep its products On sale . judge ke 两个巨头之间仅次于律师事务所的专利侵权处罚轻微争吵几乎没有结束。

8月28日,苹果回应事件主持人法官Lucy Koh期待在美国销售8部三星智能手机。三星回答说,他将试图说服法官夺取权力陪审团的总体判决,并采取一切必要措施确保自己的产品销售。Lucy Koh法官在9月20日的听证会上决定审查三星日版Galaxy Tab平板电脑对美国销售的现有禁令。

另一场听证会考虑了对苹果12月射击的手机的禁令。Even if these devices are blocked,the impact on samsungs bottom line should be modest because a ban will affect older devices,Not the firms which is facing a tsunami of patent-related law suits . it shows how patents covering the look and feel of devices are increasingly being weaps theirhoot 该事件展示了设备外观专利如何被持有人用作武器。在知识产权纠纷中,陪审团的巨额赔偿金偏向也引人注目。


the legal battle between Samsung and apple is also intriguing because the arch enemies work closely together . Samsung is one of the biggest supples coolGartner,a research firm,Says that more than half of the smart phones shipped world wide in the second quarter run on Android . apples late boss三星和苹果的法律战争也很有趣。三星是苹果公司安装内存芯片等仅次于组件的企业之一。但是三星的手机和平板电脑现在是谷歌使用的Android系统,与苹果的iphone和ipad展开正面竞争。

随着智能手机领域的竞争日趋白热化,两家公司的紧张局势也在激化。研究公司Gartner主张,第二季度全球发行的智能手机有一半以上是在Android系统上运营的。苹果弟弟老板史蒂夫乔布斯向Andr欧亿平台登录地址oid承诺,将对苹果的系统性抄袭展开热核战争。Samsung has been leading the charge of the androids . to counter it,apple has launched a bombardment of law suits against its rival around the claiint a court in south Korea hearing a similar case said both firms were guilty of patent violations against the other and banned some of their devices from saam 圣何塞陪审团判决的当天,韩国一家法院就案件举行听证会,法院禁止两家公司对彼此犯下侵犯专利的罪行,并禁止他们的部分设备在韩国销售。

(威廉莎士比亚,Northern Exposure(美国电视),)但是,由于美国是世界第二大消费电子市场,加州的判决产生了更大的影响。The jury in San Jose concluded that Samsung had violated several of apples utility patents covering things such as bounce-back scrolling,Which圣何塞陪审团裁定三星侵犯了几个苹果的专利,将焦点放在绘画和地图等地方是更容易的页面图形功能。


Samsung and other firms are likely to tweak the design of their devices to avoid further legal bombshells in America . some patent lawyers say this it somein many ways,the system is working well from an economic view point,says wil Rao of mcandrews,held malloy,A law firm . but other exploy三星和其他公司表示,一些专利律师认为这是理所当然的。
从经济上看,该系统在很多方面运行良好。一家律师事务所McAndrews,Held Malloy的Wil Rao这样说。


但是专家们尤其担心外观设计专利被定义得过于明确,许可太容易。whopping penalties imposed on patent infringers are also a cause for concern . some experts blame these on the increased use of juries in patent cat accesssince 2000 that figure has risen to 56%。the problem,says Brian love,a law professor at Santa Clara university,Is that jurors tend to have a gut reaction against patent violationThings in a more nuanced light。


一家咨询公司PWC去年发表的报告显示,20世纪80年代美国平均14%是陪审团要求的,但2000年以后这个数字下降到了56%。Santa Clara University的法律教授Brian Love指出,陪审团往往会对专利侵权者做出直觉反应,因此,一般来说,这比刑罚造成的经济损失的赔偿金要高得多。

有经验的法官往往以更准确、更精确的视角看问题。A well-known federal judge,Richard Posner,an outspoken critic of Americas patent system,Has even suggested that the countrys patents著名联邦法官Richard Posner,对美国专利制度的坦率批评者苹果对Posner法官非常了解。今年年初,他上诉了苹果对摩托罗拉移动的诉讼,并拒绝赔偿苹果明确提出的自己的受伤。三星的律师们想挽回8月的判决,期待圣何塞法院听证会上Koh法官能够确认同事的判决。




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